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Walter Peters – FXjake Daily Trader Program

Walter Peters – FXjake Daily Trader Program

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    Here's What You're Getting...


    This course - the Personal Trading Program - is very different to what you've seen before, because there's no magic system...

    Instead you will go through a step-by-step process of uncovering your beliefs and creating a trading system that matches your view of the markets...

    You literally create your best trading lifestyle.

    52 Lessons in the Personal Trading Program

    There are 52 lessons in the Personal Trading Program, so you could go through the course over a year, but you may want to dive right in and see how to:

    • Lock into your best style of trading by taking the "Trader Personality Test" (Cut through the fluff and concentrate on the right type of system for you)

    • How to build concrete confidence in your chosen strategy, without ever risking a dime. (This is often misunderstood, but once you nail this skill you will have an "unfair advantage"

    • How to map out your trading progress (so you know what to expect before it becomes a challenge)


    Naked Trading Systems

    • How to use simple price patterns to lock into trades in nearly any market, you can now dump your indicators if you want to... :-) 

    • How to find reversals by targeting this specific candle pattern (and how to know the which setups are better than others)

    • The weird "no-candle pattern" that separates the very best reversal setups from the mediocre ones (HINT: once you see this, you will never be able to "un-see" it again)

    • A misunderstood Naked Forex pattern that once applied correctly, will enable you to shed the "pretender" trades from the Real Deal Reversals (don't take my word for it, test these and see for yourself)

    • Take advantage of strong trends with this Naked setup: it's one of the "easiest" ones to see once you know what you are looking for in a lucrative, hard-charging market

    • How to trade the "set and forget" strategy that finds trades nearly every day (HINT: traders who try this style of trading often get it wrong)

    One-Indicator Systems

    • Use this technique to take advantage of strong trending moves even if you "missed out" on the move (this sounds weird, but it's true

    • Three steps to trading strong trends, using this x-ray vision tool - so you know when a trending market is strong, or ready to collapse (This is Gold and this alone is worth the price of the course

    • How to see weakness underlying the market and the simple way to take advantage of it with this indicator pattern (and no it's not simply "sell overbought or buy oversold markets")


    Exits: Where the Moolah's Made

    • No goo-roo will admit this (but it's true): a great exit rule will make money with a crude entry, but a brilliant entry won't work at all with a poor exit rule.... See how to apply Smart Exits to your trades, and use only those exits that "make sense" to you....

    • Get the 2 Hacks to Being "Right All the Time" with your trades... the key is to lock in the correct exit rules

    • The magic method for compounding trade results... see how you can milk 230 pips out of a 100 pip move... (most traders never use this technique)

    • How to find the most comfortable trading exit rule for you -- based on your beliefs (so that you can avoid the Cycle of Doom)

    • Ever feel like you got a trade wrong? Leavin' money on the table? Try this hack and you will always feel like you're a Jenius (that's "Jenius with a 'J')


    The Big 12 Psychological Trading Skills

    • How to learn to let go of your trades and pull in more consistent profits when you do - this skill is rare, but it will do more for your trading than any indicator ever can

    • When being wrong is the best thing for your bottom line... how to use this to your advantage and make more moolah

    • Some traders know -- but forget -- how this simple trading skill (that anyone can learn with this simple exercise) can literally create fortunes 

    • Why this common trading mistake is like ordering food from a restaurant you hate (do the opposite and reap the benefits of "fine dining" for your trading) 

    • What do the greatest athletes and profitable traders have in common? This characteristic... and here's how to cultivate it in your trading 

    • 3 Ways to anticipate your trading results (and why this is critical to your trading success) - get the spreadsheet to makes this a snap 

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