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The Social Man – The Unbreakable OS

The Social Man – The Unbreakable OS

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Here’s just a taste of what’s revealed:

  • How to easily re-wire your brain for explosive, unbreakable confidence (this secret basically “cuts loose” any emotional baggage that is preventing you from going after the woman you know you want)

  • 7 “weaknesses” in your inner game that kill your chances with women (this is the stuff that most psychologists would NEVER reveal to you because it has the same effect of years of expensive therapy in 3 minutes)

  • The natural trick to “manipulate” a woman’s reality, so she sees you as confident and charming… no matter how bad how hesitant, or inadequate you feel

  • Stop doing this ONE bad habit and you’ll instantly look, feel, and act like a “natural ladies' man” within seconds (this simple tweak is something any guy can do right now and starts the second you walk out of your house)

  • The psychologists trick to “reading” your emotions, so you can turn off negative ones like fear and anxiety

  • How to train your emotions in less than 5 minutes, to have complete confidence in any social situation. (Even if you’ve felt uncomfortable and anxious in social situations, you’ll notice that when you use this trick, you’ll always seem to say “the right thing” to women)

  • An insider’s look at a woman’s 3 core emotions, and how to exploit each one… and make her deeply attracted… by displaying a particular kind of confidence at a very specific time in your conversation (this is what the naturals do, without even knowing it. By simply “stealing” the actions they take at this specific time, you can get the exact same effect… and come across as charming and confident)

  • How to “turn off” your approach anxiety using “feedback threshold” control (this is basically a hidden emotional switchboard inside of you that controls your most embarrassing anxieties.)

  • And MUCH, much more

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