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The Orgasm Bible – Susan Crain Bakos

The Orgasm Bible – Susan Crain Bakos

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Orgasms!

Everything that readers should know about orgasms is here, from the best ways to make one happen to the latest research that explains them. Sexy and instructive photography leads the reader on an authoritative journey through the world of ultimate pleasure.

An orgasm is something to cultivate, and learning how to experience an orgasm — or multiple ones — can take you and your partner’s sex life to an exciting new level. The Orgasm Bible teaches readers how to do just that, instructing them on how to build seduction and foreplay into their lovemaking (no matter how long they’ve been together as a couple), the importance of communication, and myths they need to dispel regarding techniques and strategies. Commanding content paired with inspirational photographs of people in orgasmic ecstasy makes the book a truly “mind-blowing” read.

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