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Ross Jeffries – Final Frontier + Bonuses

Ross Jeffries – Final Frontier + Bonuses

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“How To Boldly Go Where You’ve Never Gone Before, With The Hottest Women, In Record Time!”

…..If You Want My Best In My 30 Years As “The Professor Of Poon” Then You’d Best Find Yourself Claiming This Course Right Now

In just the first hour or so, I will show you:

  • Dating Deprogramming – exposing and eliminating the “wallet rape culture” where you gamble the bucks in the hope of getting f@@ked

  • How to NEVER make “approaches” again, and what to do instead that’s MUCH more effective

  • How to use the EUB System to instantly move past any stuck point, limiting belief, or lousy self-image

  • When and how you MUST “Walk The Line” to show up as THE unique and “prized” man SHE must pursue, chase down, and please!

  • How to instantly get out of fight, flee, or freeze and get to powerful, grounded, and radiant

  • Why you need to stop dealing in data (a form of “software”) and instead delve into consciousness and imagination, otherwise your dealings with women will indeed “go soft” – and you don’t want that

  • How to combine themes, tonality, and tension – you gain the entire conversational framework that will get her curious and ready to take a deep dive with you in a powerful moment of discovery

  • The “tells” she provides you that let you know she’s leaning into you – how to perceive them and utilize them to draw her deeper into you

  • What you must purge from your mind during your conversation with women, that otherwise will overload YOUR circuits and blow YOUR fuse – and in doing so turn HER off

  • “How do you know” – I show you how these four words open her mindher heart, and her legs when you powerfully position them them in your conversation with women

PLUS, it structures an opportunity for her and provides a subtle frame test as well!

Master “Two Truths And A Lie”, then keep going through the concise, action-packed videos where you will also discover:

  • Why, in 2018, I’ve largely backed away from teaching long, intricate language patterns due to modern understandings about operating systems of the mind

  • How to instead apply the Rules For Good Language Patterns and create, inside her, states/internal experiences of curiosity, intrigue, fascination, connection, arousal, and more

  • The differences between male and female psychology – understanding this gives you an “unfair advantage” no matter what your looks, wealth, or experiences

  • How to use pattern interrupts to create a temporary window of suggestibility and give HER the power to create the response you want her to have

Then, we go even deeper into your mind (did you catch that?) and show you:

  • What approach anxiety really is – watch as I help students in the room overcome what, up until now, you’ve called “approach anxiety” – in 30 seconds flat

  • The truth about the time-worn idea that women have an easier time getting laid than men – hear from a woman’s perspective, shared by a woman who attended my recent seminar, why this is a total hunk of B.S.

  • Why you must stop “having sex” – get rid of the Performance Discharge Model, change this mindframe, and you’ll become a truly great lover that women can’t get enough of

  • A few rarely-discussed understandings behind open relationships that you may find interesting, if you’re into that sort of thing

  • And much, much more!

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