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Mark Savage – The Hidden Secrets of Stealth Hypnotic Mind Control

Mark Savage – The Hidden Secrets of Stealth Hypnotic Mind Control

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“Imagine Having The Power To Covertly

Control The People Around You”

Dear Friend,

What I’m about to reveal to you may seem like pie-in-the-sky hocus pocus…but it’s actually very real and very attainable for you, best of all, it can make you more money, enhance your social life, make you more attractive to the opposite sex, get you a pay raise, skyrocket your sales and make you much, much happier.

In fact, I guarantee it will accelerate your income, your freedom, and happiness and positively change your life in ways that will shock you.

But first I want to warn you: this is somewhat of a long report. That’s because I want you to have all the information you need to really understand what this earth-shattering information can do for you. If I could tell you everything in one or two sentences I would.

I’ll make you this promise though, reading this entire letter could represent a major turning point in your life, and be well worth the few minutes it’ll take.

  • Control Your Boss- Imagine walking into your boss’ office and with a few simple wells placed words walking out with the big fat raise you to deserve. No more “we don’t have the money” or “Wait until your next review”

  • Enchant The Opposite Sex- Get a date with whoever you want. Just walk up to someone start talking and within a few short minutes have plans to go out together. With Hypnotic Mind Control, your biggest problem will be WHO you choose to date.

  • Control Your Children-Imagine your children suddenly do what you tell them to do. No yelling, no screaming, no bribing, just a few simple words said in just the right way and off they go happy to do what you ask. A clean room, homework is done without a fight whatever you ask done immediately and without argument.

  • Control Your Prospects-“I want it now…where do I sign” is all you will hear from your prospects and clients. Price will no longer be an issue. You will magically know exactly how they make their buying decisions and hypnotically walk them through that process for your product or service.

Sounds Hard To Believe?


I felt exactly the same way until I saw it work with my own eyes. I’m not talking about the videos on the internet or on TV. While those videos may paint a true picture, it is also possible to edit them and make them look real, when in fact it’s not.

So, I tried it out for myself, a simple easy test and it worked like a charm. I simply used it on a waitress to get a free round of drinks. Here’s what happened…

A few friends and I were out to dinner and the waitress walked over and asked if we would like to order drinks. I had practiced a pattern I had learned and tested it out on her. Her eyes glazed over and she seemed to disappear for a second.

She said “you know what, you seem like a nice group how about I buy you guys a round of drinks?” I was blown away. If Hypnotic Mind Control could get you a round of drinks, what else could it do for you?

The Discovery Of A Lifetime


I became addicted to hypnotic mind control. So I studied anything and everything I could get my hands on. I studied Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Persuasion even Cold Reading.

The problem was, no one seemed to have the “secret formula” to quickly, easily, and covertly control anyone and everyone. Was it possible to find methods of unleashing the power of all these fields of study? Could it be accomplished? I believed it could. So I began to create a program into the unchartered realms of hypnotic mind control

After spending thousands of hours studying hypnotic mind control books, courses, and practitioners, and outline began to emerge. A simple easy to understand way to show you how to use hypnotic mind control, without spending thousands of hours studying.

You won’t even have to spend hundreds of hours studying. Just a few measly minutes a day and you can master hypnotic mind control.

Here’s Just A Tiny Sampling Of What I Reveal

  • Control other people's minds. You will be able to convince anyone of anything that’s in YOUR interests without anyone realizing what you are doing!

  • Regain lost love with an ex-partner instantly with just a few words. Your ex will be begging you to take them back!

  • Get a pay raise instantly. Your boss will give you a nice fat raise and think it was his idea.

  • Imagine being able to predict the future. In reality, you will control future events with absolute certainty because you will have control over people’s minds.

  • Render opponents or competitors immediately helpless. Gently defeat them or mercilessly crush them if they are cheating you.

  • Have your worst enemies eating from the palm of your hand. They will do whatever you say because YOU have the power.

  • A revealing look at INSTANT HYPNOSIS and how you can easily pre-plant triggers to make people do what you want…when you want…AT WILL!

  • If you sell, even the “I’ll think about it’s” will fork over the dough. The desire to sign the contract on your terms will be irresistible

  • How to expertly craft brainbuster “blank spots” to make your listener stop dead in their tracks, then hypnotically control them.



mind control

You also get Bonus #1 – The Art Anchoring! (Audio)

You will discover the sneaky little tricks to anchor anyone.

Best of all you will find out how to supercharge your anchors to the point they become utterly unstoppable.

These techniques are so sneaky they should be illegal! (and it may be someday, but not yet)

A Word Of Warning


With knowledge comes responsibility and this information should be handled with extreme care.

The secrets to having the power to control others, either singly or in masses and groups, are of such a nature that, to spread them abroad as public property might do infinite harm. A little knowledge is dangerous.

If you were given the secret keys to the kingdom, can you be trusted to keep them to yourself? If you answered no then please don’t GET THIS COURSE! I do not wish to be responsible for you hurting someone. 

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