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Magic Leone and Craig Miller – Rewrite Her Rules

Magic Leone and Craig Miller – Rewrite Her Rules

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Rewrite Her Rules is NOT A Game. This is a simple yet powerful system that will allow you to take control of a woman’s desires. You will have extreme power over her emotions & thoughts, and you’ll be able to make her *permanently* attracted to you, exactly as you are. So PLEASE use this responsibly and ethically.

So far, hundreds of  “champions” have decided to get Magic’s new lust-inducing program “Rewrite Her Rules”. One guy emailed me last night from bed, excited because his ex-girlfriend was in his bathroom for a post-fuck shower. Apparently, he didn’t know that you can use it to make your ex want you back.

And that’s just one of the emails I got from guys having tons of success.

However, there were a few men with questions, and I want to take the time to answer them now.

Franklin S. wrote:

“I’m in the friend zone with this girl at work that I’ve crushed on for years. Will this help me get out?”

Listen, Frankie, my man, the reason why you’re in the friend zone is that she has a “rule” against dating you. Maybe she has a rule that says that she won’t date guys she works with.

Guess what?

That’s perfect. Because you can use RHR to make her completely drop that rule, stop seeing you as a friend, and start seeing you as the only guy she wants to be with. It will work on her because this is exactly what it was created to do.

David from Dallas, TX has this question:

“This looks good. But how is this different from XYZ dating advice?”

Good question, David.

But you’re making one mistake: this isn’t dating advice. This is an easy reprogramming method that you can do in 5 minutes. You can use RHR to reprogram her brain in a way that makes her feel like she made the decision. That’s why it works so well.

So whatever her “rule” is, you can flip it so it works in your favor.

Powerful stuff.

And Mikel from Berlin sent me an email with this as the subject line, and nothing written in the body:


I like that you don’t like to waste time, Mike. You’re a real straight guy.

So here’s your straightforward answer:

Is it cheating if a girl cakes her face with makeup and wears a pushup bra?

Who cares. This isn’t the NFL. There’s no referee to call a penalty. This is life, and in life, there are no rules.

Who cares if Rewrite Her Rules makes getting girls super easy.

That’s the point. Stop making life hard on yourself.

:: steps off soapbox::

So if you want to get girls easy, go here and watch Magic demonstrate how to rewrite her rules

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