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Kim Walsh Phillips - Ultimate Facebook Toolkit 2015

Kim Walsh Phillips - Ultimate Facebook Toolkit 2015

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Kim Walsh Phillips – Ultimate Facebook Toolkit 2015

“Who else wants to Drive Tons of Customers, Clients, or Patients To Your Website or Landing Pages, Maximize Your Return On Investment From Facebook, and Get A Step-by-Step Plan of Exactly What To Post and EXACTLY When To Post It?

…The Amazing Thing Of Course Is The Speed At Which These Strategies Work. It’s is Rather Remarkable That You Can Be Driving Traffic To Your Website And Getting New Customers In 24 Hours Or Less!

“In a field rife with fools and charlatans, I and my clients have found Kim Walsh-Phillips to be a rare truth-teller – someone who views this media collection accurately and not through rose-tinted glasses under the influence of Ecstasy, and someone who does understand direct-response. She is a trustworthy guide through a dangerous jungle. She is getting dollar-measurable results for diverse clients.” – Dan Kennedy

Dear Friend,

If you want to get more of your ideal customers, clients, or patients, get the most out of every single ad dollar you invest and know the best types of ads to post on Facebook and when you should post them, this might be the most important information you’ll ever read. Here’s why…

Transition into the what:

I have just released a confidential series of reports called “The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit” Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing compilation:

– The 8 Steps to Writing Ads To Generate Massive Sales.  Following These Will Sky-Rocket Your Lead Generation and Have Your Phone Ringing Off The Hook. (page 3)

– The ONE Button YOU Must Have If You Want To Make Money Using Facebook Ads! (Page 30)

– The Top Secret To Getting FREE Photos To Use In Your Ads That’ll Convert Better Than The  Competition (page 13)

– How To Quickly and Easily Increase Your Return On Investment 31 Different Ways!  Most of These TINY Tweaks Take Just Minutes But Chances Are Your Not Doing Them (page 8)

– SHOCKING…The Number One Type of Ad You Should Be Running On Facebook That Almost NOBODY is Doing. (page 14)

– One of the Biggest Mistakes that Business Owners Make That Gets Their Facebook Page Shut Down! (page 28)

– Save Time and Automate Your Facebook Posts To Increase Engagement and Maximize Sales (page 19)

– The complete step-by-step guide to getting more followers on Twitter and Monetize Them (page 16, 23)

– And Much Much More Besides….

That’s just a small sample of what you discover when you enter your info below and get “The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit”.

“Three Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I Say”

Reason One: I’ve been helping business owners and sales professionals monetize social media for years.  I work with restaurants, health clinics, home renovation companies, real estate agents, medical supply companies, marketing products providers, attorneys, and many others to get your ideal customers, clients, or patients to find you online using proven social media strategies.

I don’t just teach this to others, but I run a full-service advertising firm with dozens of ad managers who do this for our clients every day so I can share with you what is working right now!

Reason Two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron-clad 100% Guarantee. You will be stunned when you hear about it in a few minutes.  I’m so sure that what I provide will work that if you don’t get at least a 500% return on your investment I’ll happily refund every penny…no questions asked!

Reason Three: I have an arsenal of results-based testimonials from my clients.  These are real results that real people have gotten from using my services. You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute. (By the way, these are NOT made up. Every single one of them AND dozens more is on file at my office.)

Now, you don’t need The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit to grow your business fast.  You can try doing things the way you’ve always done them, and if you’re happy where you’re at that’s exactly what I’d do.

You could also go it alone and learn these strategies through trial-and-error the way I did years ago and many business owners still do.

You could buy other products and services from other so-called “experts.”  If you search the phrase “Make Money Online” there are millions of results that come up, some very good, some that could put you in jail.


You can use my proven strategies designed specifically for business owners and sales professionals and it’s 100% guaranteed and has already been proven to be wildly effective!

My “Ultimate Facebook Toolkit” reveals how you can maximize your investment in online advertising, drive loads of your ideal prospects directly to you and have it up and running in less than 24 hours.  It’s fast. It’s easy. It works.

Now, I know that you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. But….don't take my word for it.

Listen To What More Of My Clients Have To Say…

“Kim has developed marketing programs that have given me some of the lowest costs per lead I’ve seen. I admit it; I was skeptical. I doubted that anyone could get social media to outperform my other tried and true media, but with Kim, we see great results!”

— Ron LeGrand, CEO, Global Publishing, Inc.

“I used the FB Sales System to gain engagement for my new book.  Through using Kim’s methods, I was able to sell thousands of my books while I remained focused on running my agency.”

– Ahava Leibtag, Author of The Digital Crown and CEO of Aha Media Group

“Kim’s system walked me scaling my business through Facebook!  I was able to fulfill my dream of helping moms and still support my family at the same time.”

– Shawn Fink, The Abundant Momma Project

By now you’re probably wondering “How much does this cost?”

Learning all the strategies, shortcuts, and systems I provide in the  “The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit” can cost ten’s of thousands of dollars or more, and take years and NONE of them can hold a candle to these secrets I’ve compiled in one place for you.

But I have big savings for you!

Instead of selling this for thousands of dollars or even hundreds of dollars I’ve decided to give this to you for just $7.  Yup, that’s it…just $7.

So what’s my hidden motive? Why am I practically giving away this “Ultimate Facebook Toolkit?”

First of all, since I’m sending it to you digitally I still make a nice profit. So it’s a win-win situation.

Secondly, the real reason I want to get this in your hands is so that you’ll understand all the opportunities behind online advertising through media like Facebook so when you join me on Thursday you’ll give your 100% attention, and maybe you’ll have even made some money from these tips by then!

This is all covered by my 100% Money Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee

Why am I offering you The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit at absolutely no risk?

It’s quite simple. First I KNOW my systems and strategies work and will knock you off your feet. I not only use these exact strategies with success every day for my clients, but hundreds of people have gotten this toolkit and used these strategies in their business.

But, I also realize you’re probably skeptical so I wanted to remove any hesitation or doubt you may have. Second, I trust you to be fair and not take advantage of me or my offer.

Don’t decide now if The Ultimate Facebook Toolkit is for you. Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that these compiled strategies are all I say they are.  Then decide whether it is as killer as I say it is or if you want 100% of your money back…no questions asked.  You have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and zero risk.

Get ready to Drive Tons of Customers, Clients, or Patients to Your Website, Maximize Your Return On Investment From Online Ads, and Get A Step-By-Step Plan of Exactly What to Do and When To Do It!

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