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jordan belfort Straight Line Persuasion

jordan belfort Straight Line Persuasion

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If you’ve seen the blockbuster film, The Wolf of Wall Street, then you’re probably familiar with Straight Line Persuasion and the bountiful wealth it has produced. This program was formulated and refined with one goal in mind一 to create an empowered life. With hours of field-tested and proven content, it is no surprise that this is Jordan Belfort’s best-selling course. By the end of this program, you will learn exactly how to ethically persuade anyone to take any action while mastering the art of sales, persuasion, influence, and negotiation. 

For over three decades, this comprehensive training program has been the gold standard for sales training. Incorporating Jordan’s own personal experience with relevant research, the Straight Line has been utilized in virtually every industry imaginable, including top Fortune 500 companies. 


The most important precursor to your success is not your inborn talent and it's not your learned talent. It's your ability to root out and dispose of disempowering beliefs.

Straight Line Persuasion is an all-encompassing program that will guide you through every part of the sale. Embody an alignment with the Straight Line’s 5 core elements and cultivate your highest success. With this course, you will cover a wealth of information not only about the sales process, but also about how to change your inner dialogue to create a limitless future.

This course is for anyone and everyone who is serious about elevating their mindset because if you really think about it, sales is for everyone. People may sell products and services, sure, but do you ever consider that you’re also selling your attributes, talents, and abilities almost every day? Whether it be during job interviews, business meetings, or anything in between, the opportunity to sell is everywhere. 

This program contains a culmination of Jordan’s 30+ years of experience. It showcases the entirety of the Straight Line一 what it is and how it’ll help you attain your dream life. This step-by-step system will equip you with the necessary sales training and strategies in digestible modules. Reinforce your knowledge with the included workbook exercises to apply your knowledge in real world situations.

Learn at your own pace. Whether you’re currently a student or working full-time, you’ll be able to incorporate Straight Line Persuasion into your life. Learn, pause, and rewind at your own leisure to create a study method that works for you! Additionally, you’ll be reinforcing your learning through multiple workbook exercises that will help you truly master the topics.

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