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John L. Person – Forex Conquered (Trading Course)

John L. Person – Forex Conquered (Trading Course)

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Dear Trader

This incredible trading course will be the best trading System and method money can buy. As you may know, I am dedicated to helping brokers, floor traders, and individual traders become the best traders possible. This course has some similarities to the first course “The Secrets to profitable trading”, John will teach you how to use his methods of trading and analyzing the market. All examples and graphics used in this course are from the Currency Markets, this course has 4 CD presentations with many examples of John’s technical methods.

I will show you how to put together a trading plan with amazing consistency that will help make you trade smarter, with less risk than you ever have before. Learn which candle pattern brings immediate results, learn the Pivot Point method, and how to implement a moving average system that will help you narrow the playing field to select the next day, week, or month: High, Low, or both!

You will receive four instructional CDs, explaining some of my favored strategies including how to stay in a winning trade and spot the signal of reversals. It has a simulated live trade that shows where to put the initial stop, where and when to move a stop, and more importantly how to identify the profit objective. With over an hour, just on this subject matter, this CD alone should help effectively improve any trader's performance and understanding of trading tactics.

For the first time, I will show you how to choose the right pivot points and teach you to devise your setups and triggers based on a moving average approach.

My Promise to You

I will give you the TOOLS designed to last you a lifetime. My goal is to help you get elevated into the top ranks of traders by using solid, historically valid methods all of which are specific, 100% objective, and straightforward. My promise to you is simple: you will be a much better trader when you practice the specific steps this course teaches. You will have learned at least 6 money-making skills that will serve you well no matter which markets you trade or in what time frame you trade them.


If you’re sincerely interested in substantially improving your trading results, then I urge you to buy this course. You’ll have a life-changing experience that, I believe, will vastly improve your bottom line results. I’ll teach you 6 highly specific and highly effective methods, and then I will coach you to make sure you have learned these powerful tools thoroughly. My methods can capture short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term moves with excellent accuracy.

This is not a beginners course, I anticipate that you know the basics of Candlestick formation. I will divulge the meaning behind what certain candle set-ups are and what triggers a trade

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