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Jay Morrison – 12 Step Real Estate Crash Course

Jay Morrison – 12 Step Real Estate Crash Course

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Learn how to invest in real estate to become financially free. This is your fast track to real estate entrepreneurship to get the skills to need to find, evaluate, flip, profit, and build wealth the way that 90% of millionaires do. 6+ Hour program was created to help novice, intermediate, and advanced investors hit the ground running.

12 Step Real Estate Crash Course (12 Modules):

Learn to buy and flip homes, evaluate profitable deals, invest and manage income properties, fund your projects, and much more.

  • Step 1: Intro To Real Estate

  • Step 2: How To Think Like An Entrepreneur

  • Step 3: Becoming Financially Lit

  • Step 4: How To Build and Brand Your Business

  • Step 5: How To Build, Manage, and Leverage Your Team

  • Step 6: How To Generate Leads and Find Deals

  • Step 7: How To Analyze Buy and Flips (Short Term Investments)

  • Step 8: How To Analyze Buy and Holds (Long Term Investments)

  • Step 9: How To Find New Clients, Cash Buyers, and Investors

  • Step 10: Creative Real Estate and Business Funding

  • Step 11: How To Negotiate Contracts and Close Your Deals

  • Step 12: How To Leverage and Evaluate Your Exit Strategy

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