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Jason Capital - Bundle - 5 Courses 99% Off

Jason Capital - Bundle - 5 Courses 99% Off

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Jason Capital - SUPER Bundle - 5 Courses 


Jason Capital - Ultimate Course Bundle - 5 courses 

The courses included are :

  1. The Power Switch     
He training offers 10 “yes” compliance techniques, including:
– Social Dominance: How to make an audience bend to the will of your desires

– Silent Compliance: Making a girl happily comply without saying a word

– Ridiculous Compliance: Structuring a question in a way to make a girl see you as high-status
The program is structured to help you:
– Radiate an ultra-attractive vibe of abundance

– Discover a wealth of pus,y-having opportunities

– Discover how you are different and stand out from the average guy

– Become more influential and attractive
  1. Email Income Experts

Here’s a few of the things you’ll end up with:

  • A “laptop life”. I know there’s tons of gurus out there promising you this. But how many of them have 43 documented Case Studies PROVING this is real? Proving you can do it too? I’m not promising you’ll become a millionaire this year. But if you can follow my simple rules, we’ll replace your current income with laptop income this year.
  • A business that works for you. The Email Income business model is based on one simple idea: Businesses make more money with email marketing because email marketing drives repeat business. And it’s free to send emails. But most business owners are too busy to do it, or don’t know how. So they pay my students $1,000 - $3,000 a month to do the email marketing for them.
  • Email marketing is the easiest High-Income Skill to learn. Most High-Income Skills take months to learn. You’ll learn this one easily in less than two weeks.
  • An easy-to-follow First Client BlueprintTM walking you through how to get your first paying client in less than 2 weeks. Cha-ching.
  • A follow-up blueprint walking you through how to get your 2nd, 3rd and 4th client. On average, you’re going to charge each business $1,000 - $3,000 a month. To truly replace your current income with laptop income, you’ll only need 3-4 clients.
  • A series of trainings to help you overcome the obstacles that may have slowed you down in the past. Procrastination, fear, time. I created these special trainings so what may have stopped you before won’t this time.
  • My Rich-For-Life Financial Freedom Blueprint. I’m going to teach you several strategies for investing the money you’re earning so you can have long term financial freedom and security for yourself and your family. I had over $1,000,000 cash saved away by the time I was 25. I can help you with this too.
  1. Status Unleashed
What’s Included:
1) Module 1: High Status Explained
2) Module 2: High Status Vision
3) Module 3: High Status Body Language
4) Module 4: High Status Eye Contact
5) Module 5: High Status Vocal Tonality
6) Module 6: High Status Charisma
7) Module 7: High Status State Control
8) Module 8: High Status Presence
9) Module 9: High Status Style

I’m going to UNLEASH what you’ve been missing, revealing:

  • How you can get crystal clear on your beliefs for the first time. The REAL reason why you’ve had trouble in the past with trainings, affirmations, and other “guru” type exercises, and how to fix that for good
  • How you can stand out in a sea of mediocrity. The key to having women, business partners, and your closest friends notice, admire, and RESPECT you more using something I like to call “Presence Portals”..
  • How to have opportunities APPROACH YOU. Imagine her approaching you from across the bar first, imagine business deals falling into your lap, and image friends coming to YOU for advice, without you having to do anything but stand there..
  • How to know where to look, every time. If you’ve ever been curious if you’re making TOO much eye contact when you’re talking with a hot woman, here’s my famous 80/20 rule of High Status Eye Contact (beware: she might fall in love with you..)
  • How to make your voice interesting, even if you were born an introvert. The key to tantalizing hot women, business contacts, and friends using nothing but your voice, regardless if you have exceptional social skills now. Shy guys, rejoice!
  • How to 7X your charisma INSTANTLY. What we can take away from a study done by researchers from Harvard that tells you all you need to know about being more charismatic
  • How to rid yourself of anxiety, for good. Using my “instant anxiety trap solution” we’re going to dispel any gut-wrenching feelings brought on by a busy to-do list within minutes.
  • How to get exhilarating energy WITHOUT caffeine. Using my famous 30-second breathing technique, we’ll equip you with enough energy to power you through the day
  • How to finally start living a life of FREEDOM. Here’s an easy trick to liberate yourself from the grip of society, allowing you share freely, live on your own terms, and have fun doing it..
  1. Instagram Agent System

Course Curriculum

Module 1 - High Income Skills
MODULE 2 - The IG AGENT Framework & Mindset Installation
MODULE 3 - The 7 Biggest Blocks That Will Stop You As An IG Agent (or any successful endeavor you choose in life)
Module 4 - Personal Branding on Instagram As An IG Agent
Module 5 - Attracting A Flood Of Paying Clients As An IG Agent
Module 6 - Closing Clients
Module 7 - Deliverables (For Your Clients)
Bonus Module
BONUS - Your Free Copy of Jason's Best Seller, "Higher Status"
Bonus: Instagram Agent Audit Session
IGA Bonus Call: "The Cold DM’ing Bible: The RIGHT Way To Use Cold DM’s For Getting Clients On IG"
  1. Sales God

Here’s a few of the things you’ll end up with:

- A power nearly everyone dreams as a true Sales GOD. Where people come to you. Ask you to buy. Without being ‘pushy’ at all.

- The “1% Skill”. Warren Buffet called selling “the most valuable skill in the world”. And your chance to get rich online is bigger than ever with social media. My team closes $200,000 a month just on Instagram. No promises. But you’ll have the skill and my personal Sales God blueprint to produce some of the highest numbers in your field too.

- All the scripts you need, including my set of “urgency questions” that install the desire to buy now, not later.

- A stream of high-quality prospects using my Heavy Pipeline ProcessTM. You won’t need to be a guru to see your messages and calendar filled with prospects and appointments.

- All the emails you need to close “on the fence” prospects without being pushy. I’ve sold 10’s of millions of dollars via email. This is your chance to copy my results.

Here’s how you and I will work together to make this happen:

The System: Delivered over 7 weeks via 90-120 minute pre-recorded trainings. You can watch these trainings at any time, day or night. Work through them fast, or take your time and absorb it all.

The Support: You’ll have access to me 6 days a week where you can get help on anything you’re working on inside a private Facebook Group. The other members, many of whom are already making 6- or 7-figures as Sales Gods, are there too giving you feedback. So we expect you to give back and share your wins and lessons with us too.

The Resources: You’ll get access each month to live sales calls between one of my top Sales Gods and their prospect. (If it’s not a sales call, it will be a live breakdown of the “chat conversation” they had that resulted in a close.) You’ll be able to model these conversations and closes immediately into your own business.

Jason Capital is an entrepreneur, the founder of High Status (a high-income coaching company), and a YouTuber from West Bloomfield, Michigan. 

He is also the author of several books on the topic of personal development, self-help, and the dating realm.

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