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Emory Green – Dark Mind Control Techniques in NLP

Emory Green – Dark Mind Control Techniques in NLP

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This Controversial Science-based Knowledge has Hidden Powers to Control Success Right at Your Fingertips!

What if you woke up with the mindset of a self-made millionaire?

What if you could become effortlessly persuasive, like a world-class marketer or influencer?

Discover how NLP has brought success to countless people and businesses.

NLP is a powerful and versatile toolkit of psychological methods that you can use for self-empowerment and understanding people in ways beneficial to you.

But what is NLP? You probably have heard Neurolinguistic Programming before, but what does it do? How does it successfully change people’s lives?

NLP can be very confusing if you try to learn it from random blog articles and it sure will cost you money to get training or an NLP coach. While you can go ahead and seek the help of the experts or learn from random resources, there is often something that most people miss. That is truly understanding how NLP rewires your brain and how often, sometimes without knowing, we allow others to do it for us.

So, what’s the danger in that? What could go wrong with reprogramming our brain?

If you paused for some seconds there, asking yourself that question, or hesitated for even just a little bit, you should read this book first. This is why this book was written. Psychologist and Business Coach Emory Green wanted to create a comprehensive, beginner-friendly guide to NLP.

And that’s not all. Emory Green dares to unfold all sides of this powerful science, including things others won’t tell you about NLP. Because you should know!

This book will help you:

  • Discover the truth about NLP

  • Clarify misunderstandings, myths, and misconceptions about NLP

  • See the good and the dark side of this powerful mindtool

  • Discover the real power of NLP

  • Step into the world of hypnosis and mind control involved in NLP

  • Recognize mind control tricks

  • Quickly recognize attempts to manipulate you before it’s too late

  • Speed read people’s body language easily and correctly

  • Be able to trust your mind in analyzing situations and people

  • Claim your own power to draw your own mind roadmap to success

  • Know how NLP can reprogram your mind into a creative genius or to think like a millionaire

  • How to masterfully persuade and communicate with people using NLP

  • Know how to trigger people’s subconscious and get in their head

NLP is the approach used by top CEOs, salespeople, and coaches. It has brought success to many people and businesses – and it can make you successful, too.

Think of a great person you admire or others openly admire. Often, people think they are extraordinary and that ordinary people like us just don’t have what it takes. But if you look closer, all these great people and geniuses have one thing that makes them extraordinary – a winning mindset.

If you can have a great person’s mind frame with the help of proven science, will you take the chance? Here is your chance.

Are you ready to reprogram your mind for success?

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