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Dick Sutphen Sleep Programming

Dick Sutphen Sleep Programming

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Dick Sutphen – Sleep Programming contents:

– Anything Is Possible

– Be Assertive

– Be Relaxed & Stress-Free

–  Get Well

– I am Fine The Way I Am

– I Am Secure And Confident

– Increase Your Income

– Learning Acceleration

– Self Discipline

– Sleep Off Pounds

Powerful Mind Technology While You Sleep

All you have to do is listen to the CD/MP3 as you go to sleep. After the body relaxation is complete you hear nearly 2000 words of paced and repeated suggestions, phrased for acceptance by all levels of your mind. The works fade away at the end of the program, directing you to sleep soundly.

Altered-State Instructions:

Headphones Will Enhance Your Altered-State Experience

Never use an altered-state program in a moving auto or while doing other things, because each session is structured to generate a dreamy state of consciousness.

  1. Make yourself comfortable lying down or sitting up.

  2. Assure that you won’t be interrupted.

  3. Take two or three minutes to unwind by breathing deeply.

  4. Turn on the player, close your eyes and follow instructions.  Vividly imagine the situations described.

  5. If for any reason you need to awaken before the session is complete, verbally count yourself up from one to five and say the words, “Wide Awake.”

Please do not have expectations of feeling “tranced out.”  Your body will feel relaxed, your mind may or may not feel dreamy, but you’ll remain aware of your surroundings, and all the while you’ll be mentally accepting any suggestions that are part of the program.  The better you are able to imagine, the more effective the session will be.

SIZE: 660 MB (Audio)

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