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David Wygant – The Life Blueprint

David Wygant – The Life Blueprint

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The ULTIMATE Guide to Achieving Your Goals,

Overcoming Obstacles & Living the Life You Truly Desire

What Is “The Life Blueprint”?

Put simply, it’s a game-changer. Because no matter where you are in your life, there’s still something missing — still something that you always find yourself thinking, “I wish I had that.”

Here’s how The Life Blueprint is going to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be:

A Personalized, Step-By-Step Design for Life

The Life Blueprint is exactly what it sounds like: a blueprint.  It is a vision of exactly what you want your life to look like. I will show you how to conquer even the most difficult obstacles and live every day as the healthiest, wealthiest, most powerful version of yourself.

3 Volumes of Transformative Audio

I go over my proven system to improve the key aspects of your life in which you desire growth — from wealth and personal success to your social life, and so much more. Listen to the program in your car, on your phone, or at the gym as I reprogram your mind & set the stage for the most profound personal growth you’ve ever experienced.

Powerful Worksheets

You will get access to the worksheets that I use with private clients — with powerful exercises that will help you not only design your life blueprint, but also take action, set goals, and see the changes in your life day by day.

Your Life Blueprint Has 4 Key Parts

Money, Wealth & Success

  • The REAL definitions of wealth & success (and which one should mean the most to you)

  • Personal branding — how to re-invent yourself & go from an everyday schlub to a powerhouse brand that influences and inspires everyone she meets

  • How to reprogram your subconscious mind with powerful mantras that set your intent and attract wealth into your life

  • How to pursue your dream career — in spite of whatever obstacles and roadblocks you currently face

Friendship, Family & Your Social Blueprint

  • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people (this can literally impact your health, wealth & overall wellness!)

  • The 5 key qualities of a “true friend”

  • How to define your unique, personal definitions of “family” and “friendship”

Health & Wellness

  • Where you’re going wrong with your health blueprint & what you need to work on

  • The importance of health in your blueprint (without a solid vision of your ideal health, your life blueprint is USELESS!)

  • How to adapt your health goals as your life, your mind & your body changes

  • How to give up the self-destructive habits that keep you from being the BEST version of you

Setting & Reaching Your Goals

  • The BIGGEST reasons why you haven’t reached your goals in health, wealth & your social life — and how to finally reach them

  • My personal method for seeing the opportunities that life presents you with almost every day

  • How to set goals & track your progress in every aspect of your life blueprint

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