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David Tian – Rock Solid Relationships

David Tian – Rock Solid Relationships

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Rock Solid Relationships & Masculine Mastery include over 35+ hours of a beautifully organized set of video courses, audio tracks, PDF cheat sheets, and lots of valuable, fun surprises.

MODULE 1 – Your Rock Solid Vision

In Module 1, “Your Rock Solid Vision,” we begin by walking you through a powerful guided meditation that triggers in your unconscious mind a “homing beacon” for attracting your perfect woman and relationship to you.

Some of the other powerful lessons revealed in this module include…

  • The specific steps to create intimacy with a woman you like (Here’s how to avoid the common blocks that stop most men from forming a deep connection with a woman so you effortlessly build a foundation for a great relationship)

  • How to handle a woman’s “emotional waves” – is never fun, but it can be stress-free if you know this simple secret

  • How to keep your composure when a woman goes through EXTREME emotions (including crying). Here’s how to help her work through her emotions and make your relationship stronger by doing so

  • A woman knows when you’re relating to her emotionally… and when you’re not. Here’s a simple 3-step process you can use to connect with your woman on a deep emotional level so that she FEELS that you are with her (This is something all women subconsciously look for when choosing a mate, so you must learn this one so you are ready when you meet a woman you are really into)

  • The 3 things you can do that let her know right away you care, allow her to open up, and love you fully. Without these, it’s like talking to a brick wall with her…

  • How to become a fantastic listener without having to bore yourself with her continuing to complain. I’m talking about giving you a simple trick to end her nagging right away.

  • The 3 Universal Feminine Needs. Without these, you’re doomed from the start with anger, resentment, and a relationship where the arguing never seems to stop.

  • How to make her feel like she’s “not just another girl”. Pay close attention to this!

  • The 4 Horsemen of Relationship Apocalypse. Here’s what the world’s leading relationship therapist says is the death of all relationships and how to flip them on their head, instilling unbreakable trust between you two…

MODULE 2 – Your Masculine Leadership

In Module 2, “Your Masculine Leadership,” you’ll discover how to replace the immature psychology that governs your actions with women with mature Man psychology… so you always do what a MATURE MASCULINE would do in those tough situations… without even thinking about it.

This is THE KEY to auto-pilot success with women and relationships – that you can do it WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT – whether it’s an argument, emotional breakdown, or drifting apart from you, you’ll learn how to INSTINCTIVELY feel and know the best thing to do.

Also included in this module are many powerful insights, such as…

  • The 4 elements of a healthy and powerful masculine self-image, and how to develop them (The key to charisma and charm is the mastery of these 4 things… and I’ll show you how to develop them in DAYS, not years…) I believe that once you have a strong positive self-image, combined with high self-esteem, attracting and keeping women becomes EASY

  • How to have her look up to you and support you, even if you’re unsure of yourself.

  • How to train your mind to LEARN from your mistakes instead of dwelling on them… so you never again make the same mistake with a woman or in your relationships… but, more importantly, you aren’t STOPPED when you hit a “snag” – instead, you’ll be MOTIVATED

  • The 4 biggest challenges guys face on the path to becoming REAL men… cause most to “give up” and settle for mediocrity (These 4 things are the foundation of “Manhood.” Here’s how to tackle each one, step-by-step… and finally become the type of man that ALL women want to brag to their friends about the meeting)

  • Part of becoming your ideal woman’s ideal man is becoming a leader of yourself, your family, your social group, and your society. Here’s how to cultivate your “inner leader” and use this new quality to improve every aspect of your life… making yourself incredibly attractive to women in the process

  • How to identify what you need to offer to attract your “Total 10” into your life (and how to naturally grow these qualities within yourself)

MODULE 3 – Your Rock Solid Love

In Module 3, “Your Rock Solid Love,” you’ll begin the simple process that will program in your subconscious a rock-solid core of Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem.

You’ll feel instantly amazing after going through these 5 emotionally transformative experiences that form the core of this program. When you experience them, it’s as if a dark veil of doubt and insecurity is lifted off of you. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and incredibly more powerful and positive.

Some of the other penetrating insights you’ll discover in this module include…

  • How to forgive yourself and let go of the past. If you’ve been on this planet for any amount of time, you probably have some level of trauma, and that’s fine because everybody does. Here’s how we’re going to make it so you can move on without bringing your past into a relationship you want to see flourish.

  • I have seen very often that what stops people from attracting the mate of their dreams or having an amazing time with their current partner is a mental block. This block flies completely under the radar for 99% of people. But with this method, you’ll be able to catch it and eliminate it.

  • What leading psychologists and doctors say you should be approaching your relationships, regardless if you’re single, in one right now, or just want to attract better quality women in your life…

  • Ever wonder why she does what she does, why acts the way she acts? Here’s it explained, step by step, in plain language a 3rd grader could understand.

  • The 2-step process to LET GO instead of suppressing and repressing your disempowering, negative beliefs

  • How to escape the neural triggers you previously could not control, pinpoint the signs of unconscious fear, and reclaim power over your destiny

MODULE 4 – Your Masculine Freedom

In Module 4, “Your Masculine Freedom,” you’ll be led through a step-by-step process that allows your unconscious mind to WORK FOR YOU rather than against you so that you can break out of the harmful recurring patterns undermining your success and relationships… and unleash your innate masculine spirit and energy.

Some of the other powerful insights revealed in this module include…

  • How to “clean up” every aspect of your life and create a positive aura around you that makes you stand out from other men

  • How to be aware of your partner’s emotions, without having to ask. How many times have you been put into a situation where something was bothering her, and you didn’t even know it was going on? Well, this solves that problem, for good.

  • A simple, step-by-step method for cultivating a “secret quality” that triggers INSTANT ATTRACTION in a woman… often before a guy even opens his mouth

  • Clear away the traumatic experiences causing you and your relationships to be stuck in patterns of self-sabotage

  • How to use the operating system of the human mind to quickly “fix” any of the inner issues that are holding you back from ultimate success with women… no matter how deeply rooted they may be (I’ve spent YEARS developing this powerful system and it is truly amazing. There is no faster or more effective path to PERMANENT change… and I will show you how to use my simple methods to fix YOURSELF… and keep yourself on track)

  • Discover and uncover the triggers causing you to react negatively to stimuli outside your control

  • Remember, relive, and finally Overcome the trauma you have been suppressing for too many years

MODULE 5 – Your Rock Solid Attachment

In Module 5, “Your Rock Solid Attachment,” you’ll discover how you can effortlessly ignite passion, love, and care in nurturing relationships with your woman, even if your significant other seems “emotionally withdrawn” or overly anxious or needy.

Among the many deep insights revealed in this module are…

  • The secret to having a successful relationship with a woman who has a different personality type than you – whether you are the “free spirit” and she is the more “organized” type or vice versa

  • How you can get a committed and caring woman for the first time. Imagine building a future filled with so much passion, connection, and devotion that even your closest friends are questioning how you did it so fast...

  • The 4-step key to setting boundaries that she loves, respects, and allows room for you to grow within. Never again will you have to sacrifice your passions for your relationship.

  • Most men make a very specific type of DEADLY mistake in the beginning stages of a relationship with a woman… that causes them to LOSE GROUND… and usually LOSE HER before she even gets a chance to get to know him. After learning what I’m going to teach you in this program, YOU won’t be one of those guys making that mistake anymore… guaranteed

MODULE 6 – Your Masculine Assertiveness

In Module 6, “Your Masculine Assertiveness,” you’ll develop your inner compass for navigating any tricky situations with others, including your woman and any intimidating alpha males. You’ll also learn how to express yourself authentically and trigger real respect from others by doing so.

Some of the other incredible insights you’ll discover in this module include…

  • How to become a master of conflict so you remain calm no matter how much the people around you are freaking out (This quality lets every woman around you know that you are a LEADER that can be depended on in a crisis – a quality that all woman are pre-programmed to look for in a man)

  • How to bring the temperature down when either of you is triggered without having to sacrifice your position or “win” or “lose” to the argument. Just know that this method might end in passionate sex for both of you.

  • The 5 steps to guaranteeing your needs are being met in a relationship. Easy as can be.

  • How to discuss things safely and effectively without being attacked for your thoughts. Imagine the look on her face once she sees, hears, and feels what an effective communicator you’ve become, seemingly overnight with this.

  • Here’s a 3 step process for navigating any argument and neutralizing it right away so you’re not spending countless hours on the same, small topic leading nowhere.

  • Conflict Resolution 101. How to easily and effortlessly diffuse any situation instantly, leaving you feeling fresh, heard, and authentically loved by your significant other.

MODULE 7 – Your Rock-Solid Vitality

In Module 7, “Your Rock Solid Vitality,” you’ll experience rock-solid self-confidence and “worthiness” to stop relying on others for validation and instead blaze your wild trail of rapid, repeated successes.

Among the many vital lessons, you’ll find in this module are…

  • The hidden link between your upbringing and the fears that are holding you back from attracting and keeping women (Whether you’re having trouble approaching women, making a move, or satisfying her in the bedroom… EVERYTHING is in some way connected to your development as a man. I’ll show you how to wipe your slate clean of this “internal B.S.” and reprogram yourself with mature, masculine confidence that “top quality” women look for)

  • Uncover the shameful and “unacceptable” things buried in your unconscious mind, accept them, take power over them, and ultimately use them to empower you to even greater vitality in life

  • Root out your unconscious and irrational fears and unleash a Rock-Solid State of ultimate peace and joy in life and your relationships with women

  • How to turn your past weaknesses into your BIGGEST strengths and tap into INSTANT JOY!

MODULE 8 – Your Masculine Power

In Module 8, “Your Masculine Power,” you’ll be led through a step-by-step system for building up inner confidence that leads to success with women and relationships. This is BY FAR the most effective personal growth system available… and the only method I’m aware of that works 100% of the time.

  • Feel your stress and worries MELT AWAY as you step down the path of peaceful power, so that you can lead your woman and loved ones into a place of security and strength

  • The main traps men fall into in relationships that send them down the wrong path, and what you need to do IMMEDIATELY before you continue WASTING YOUR ONE, PRECIOUS LIFE

  • How to get your woman to be more vulnerable with you, and why it’ll strengthen your relationship within mere seconds, guaranteed

  • Free up the thoughts and emotions you have been suppressing and unleash massive power in your newfound ways of relating to the women and self-expression

  • The 3 things high-quality women demand in a man that other women overlook

MODULE 9 – Your Rock Solid Relationship

In Module 9, “Your Rock Solid Relationship,” we begin tying together all the amazing insights you’ve been gathering over the previous weeks so that you can see the big picture and step-by-step system of how to establish and enjoy rock-solid relationships with women.

Also included in this module are…

  • How you can hit the rewind button on your current relationship that’s losing its flame. Imagine it feeling exactly like when you two first got together. The love, the laughter, the fulfillment, AND the sex…

  • What leading Harvard scientists are telling us about negotiating and how it’ll end almost every single problem in your relationship right now without any effort.

  • How a high-quality woman can spot a “fraud”… and how she can spot a CATCH (Use this checklist to make sure she puts you on her “wanted” list)

  • The one thing you must do every day to keep a “Total 10” interested in you (hint: It’s simple and easy – but if you don’t do it, she’ll lose interest – and you won’t even know why)

  • How to handle it when a woman says you don’t understand her

MODULE 10 – Your Masculine Mastery

In Module 10, “Your Masculine Mastery,” we level up all the elements of masculinity you’ve been training so far and lock them into your unconscious mind and physical body so that you’ll become a true master of your Masculine energy and essence.

Some of the other powerful lessons in this module include…

  • Women are VERY attracted to men who are “sexually confident”. I’m going to teach you a step-by-step method for developing and projecting powerful SEXUAL CONFIDENCE that women can FEEL when you are near (Do this simple exercise once a day, and women will begin to get turned on just by being around you…)

  • YOU 2.0 – One of the biggest and MOST IMPORTANT things you are going to learn in this program is how to actualize yourself as a better human being. Attracting your ideal woman is a nice goal… but I believe that improving YOURSELF is where the biggest rewards lay, and once you do this you’ll find that the “Total 10’s” come on their own. You’ll leave this program with a specific step-by-step, “can’t fail” plan for becoming the best YOU possible that – when followed – skyrockets your confidence to a level you never even thought to be possible…

  • How to get and KEEP your ideal woman, even if true love has slipped from your grasp before. Best of all, this is all proven by modern science and psychology, so she’ll fall for you instantly.

  • The 3-step exercise to eliminate the “immature signals” that are RUINING your success with women without you knowing it (You need to drop them NOW to avoid leading women to think you are immature and weak. Fortunately there is a very simple way to do it, which you’ll learn in this program.)

  • How to accept yourself for who you truly are. Gone are the days you have to hide from her because you were embarrassed or ashamed. It won’t matter to you anymore, and she’ll love you for that.

Bonus – MODULE 11 – Your Masculine Journey

In Bonus Module 11, “Your Masculine Journey,” we give you the road map to follow for the REST OF YOUR LIFE as you ride off into the sunset with power and joy as a true master of masculinity and relationships.

Among the many deep insights, you’ll uncover in this module are…

  • When you have the vision to contribute to the world beyond yourself, your life becomes more fulfilling – and you attract higher-quality women. Here’s how to use your natural talents to find and contribute to a project that inspires you, enriches your life and makes a positive impact on the world.

  • Experience true bliss, devoid of distractions and limiting thoughts, be propelled towards joy and fulfillment and find yourself reaching new levels of success in your personal, professional, social, and love life.

  • Reclaim your power over yourself by accepting and learning from the traumatic events of your unique past, so that you can experience true freedom in your relationships

  • Dive into the world of total self-acceptance and self-esteem where criticisms, both internal and external, won’t bother you, and your whole being reflects nothing but praise and love.

  • Embark on an exhilarating INNER JOURNEY, starting with the root causes, and dial in to your newfound sense of freedom, clarity, and ease with women and life


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