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Danny Hague - The Bodyweight solution

Danny Hague - The Bodyweight solution

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This is a resource that will dramatically help anyone looking to learn about integrated performance training, conditioning, and working with athletes. In general anyone interested in improving their cutting-edge knowledge about training methods will benefit from this video collection. It’s a no-nonsense product, something that you will be able to apply TOMORROW.

-You’ll learn where bodyweight training fits into the overall strength and conditioning program.

-You’ll learn about the relationship bodyweight training has with the other tools we have available. There are some important considerations you MUST know about here.

-What bodyweight training can provide that NO OTHER MODALITY can offer.

-The 10 bodyweight training principles that if you don’t know them, you are not preparing people properly.

-9 Conditions where bodyweight training is BETTER than any other form of training.

-The 7 ways you can progress bodyweight training programs

-The 5 key training components that underpin you’re training program. Do you know them?

-8 metabolic bodyweight training concepts that will give you thousands of programs, and sessions and cater to EVERY athlete you’ll ever work with. All from these 8 methods.

-Learn this proven system of warm-ups and apply it to your environment.

-The RAMP warm-up principles are applied to bodyweight training.

-Key muscle activation sequences.

-Movement Flows to get loads of work done in a small time frame- all coaches know how important this is!!

-Mobility flow drills to get your athletes super mobile before their sessions.

-Primal movement patterns that will leave your athletes warm, but also mobile, activated, and enjoying themselves!!

-Plyometric progressions for the lower and upper body will prime the sessions to come for power and explosive strength.

-You’ll learn key coaching cues and technical considerations for the major lower body movements such as squats, hinging, lunges, and dozens more.

-Danny’s Dynamic Isometric progressions will get your athletes in the key positions much faster and make them stronger in those positions.

-Slider work- how you can develop eccentric control, strength, and stability through using slide progressions that cost you nothing!

-Single leg progressions

-Step-Up Progressions

-Rear Foot Elevated Squat Progressions

-Squat progressions

-How to overload bodyweight movements and get a FULL TRAINING EFFECT with NO EQUIPMENT!!

-Sled pushes with no sled!

-Partner strength training movements to train a squad or team with no equipment and get them super strong in the process.

-It’s NOT just about metabolic training, you’ll be learning how to get people strong, mobile, powerful, and fit with this video.

-How to progress and regress upper body movements such as push-ups and pull-ups. Don’t understate this stuff, it’s POWERFUL!

-Dozens of pushing and pulling variations you can use to train athletes and clients without any equipment.

-Slider progressions for the upper body. Danny is a master at these!

-Wall Walks, handstand push-ups, shoulder press-ups, and more. Powerful strength and stability-based movements that ALL your athletes can do if they follow Danny's progressions.

-Partner bodyweight exercises that will allow your athletes to train in the 1-5 rep max zone with bodyweight…SUPER POWERFUL coaching material!

-Guaranteed to challenge and engage your athletes. Awesome stuff.

-Bodyweight core training- dozens of engaging variations that will challenge your athletes mentally and physically.

-Partner core training that even the best athletes will struggle with.

-Conditioning and metabolic training- learn ALL of Danny’s cutting edge methods.

-Challenges for strength endurance.

-Challenges for power endurance.

-Aerobic and Anaerobic development through body weight.

-TUF, SUF, and DUF how to develop technique, skills, and decision making under fatigue. I guarantee you haven’t seen this stuff before!

-Programming bodyweight training – how to work with beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes.

-Fitting in around other training units such as technical training and strength training where appropriate. You’ll be an expert in programming for all sports.

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