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Dan Baker – Advanced Strength and Power

Dan Baker – Advanced Strength and Power

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Leading strength and power expert Dr. Dan Baker takes you through his systems and best practices to enhance strength and power.

Help your athletes get stronger with this course, grounded in more than 30 years of research and experience.

Explore Dr. Dan Baker’s approach to building strength and power for college and elite athletes, everyday strength enthusiasts, and powerlifters. He’ll introduce his proven system through the application of bands, chains, clusters, complex training, functional isometrics, and timed sets to help your clients train to play better and stronger.

Course features:

Systems and tips for choosing and setting up bands and chains for strength, power, and hypertrophy training

Research-based strategies for optimizing the use of complex/contrast training, clusters, functional isometrics, and power assessment

Research-based methods for determining optimal volume and intensity for increasing power output throughout the year

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