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ClayTrader – Shorting for Profit

ClayTrader – Shorting for Profit

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  • What Is This Training All About?

    Are you Sick and tired of only being able to make money when a stock is going up? That all changes with this training. The goal of this training is to teach you the art of the short, with specific strategies designed to turn you into a truly well-rounded trader.

    The primary objective of this training is to increase your options and flexibility as a trader. It really is as simple as that.

    The vast majority of traders only reach 50% of their true profit-making potential due to the fact they decide to only play the “long side” of stocks/options/currencies/etc. When using this thought process, they are limiting themselves to only half of what the market has to offer.

    The more knowledge and strategies you possess in your toolbox, the more options you have, and the more options you have, the more flexible you are in an always-changing market. If the markets were a place where things never changed, then being flexible would not matter. With that being said, however, we all know the markets are the exact opposite of a “place where things never change”.

    Master the Art of the Short

    Shorting for Profit teaches you how to master the art of the short, giving you a sincere 360-degree view of the markets. If a stock price goes up, great, hop on the “long side” and profit. If you then believe that same stock is about to go down, hop on the “short side” and profit. “This” is what the name of the game is: profiting no matter what direction prices are going.

    Shorting for Profit does NOT waste your valuable time with “theories” and “thoughts” of shorting. The training goes well beyond this and teaches you FIVE actual short trade strategies… in detail!

    • The Ruthless Short Strategy

    • The Disgruntled Short Strategy

    • The Dream Crusher Short Strategy

    • The Dead Cat Short Strategy

    • The Broken Window Short Strategy

    When teaching the above FIVE strategies, there are no broad explanations that leave you with the feeling of being incomplete. All the strategy tactics are taught stage-by-stage in a very logical and easy-to-understand presentation.

    Strategy Stages

    The stages that each strategy is divided into are…

    The Hunting Stage

    • What attributes and characteristics you should be looking for.

    • Is it even worth adding to your watch list? Since you will know what to look for, you will know whether or not it is worth your time to monitor.

    The Stalking Stage

    • Just because the attributes and characteristics pass the initial test, that doesn’t mean you should be entering the trade.

    • You now need to wait for the price to act how the strategy says it should behave. If the price does not behave accordingly, you simply move on. You never entered the trade, so no money was lost.

    The Execution Stage

    • The price action behaves how you want it to, so “now” is time to enter the trade. But how?

    • There are always two choices for how you can enter the trade. Both carry pros and cons. It’ll be up to your personal preference on how you want to enter the trade.

    The Ninja Stage

    • Like any successful ninja, you must be disciplined and follow the strategy rules that have been mapped out.

    • The long-term trading portfolio growth is all about one thing: trade management. This stage teaches all the vital trade management components including where you should…

      • Be entering the trade

      • Be locking in profits

      • Be exiting the trade because your stop-loss has been violated

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