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Calisthenics Kingz – Chiseled In 30

Calisthenics Kingz – Chiseled In 30

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Chiseled-In-30 is an extreme at-home program, that will whip you into amazing shape! This program is designed to target all the major & minor muscles thru-out the body by using your own body’s resistance. There are 2 phases to this, each phase also has a nutrition guide. Phase 1 focuses on body fat reduction along with toning & sculpting the muscles, Phase 1 nutrition guide is also geared toward fat reduction and promoting muscular development, while Phase 2 focuses on building lean strong muscles. The Phase 2 nutrition guide balances out healthy eating on a more high protein level giving the muscle fibers quicker recovery time & structuring the anatomy to bring forth more symmetry of the muscles. Ultimately giving you that great physique you so desire. This program is for both men & women. If there was a BLUEPRINT to getting a phenomenal body, then CHISELED-IN-30 is it !!! This amazing program will produce amazing results in just 30 days !!

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