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Allen Carr – Easy Way To Stop Smoking

Allen Carr – Easy Way To Stop Smoking

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“Being a smoker is like being trapped in a complicated maze…it’s as if Allen Carr has a map of that maze…”

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Contrary to what many smokers think, it is NOT a lack of willpower or nicotine withdrawal that makes it difficult to quit.

Yes, nicotine is an addictive drug: but, the symptoms of panic, anxiety, and irritability experienced by so many smokers trying to quit have almost nothing to do with the physical withdrawal from nicotine. How do we know this? Smokers are in withdrawal whenever they aren’t smoking, yet for the most part they barely even register it. Most smokers sleep through withdrawal all night, every night and it doesn’t even wake them up! So, if it isn’t nicotine withdrawal that causes these feelings, what is it?

The smoker’s dilemma

The answer is conflict. If you try to stop smoking when you still believe that the cigarette provides some pleasure or benefit, then a conflict is created, along with a sense of deprivation. Part of you wants to quit, but part still wants to smoke and so the desire to quit fights with the desire not to. This conflict in turn feeds the universally-held belief that quitting must feel like suffering. These feelings feed off each other and quickly become overwhelming. We are left with a bleak choice: succumb once again to our addiction, or use massive amounts of willpower to try and fight it.

The Easyway vs will power

The simple truth is that to find it easy to quit, it is essential to remove the desire to smoke. With no desire to smoke, it doesn’t take willpower not to.

It sounds simple because it is simple. You may even think that it sounds too simple. Well, don’t take our word for it, look at what former smokers have to say about it…

How Easyway removes the desire to smoke

Other methods seem to think that by telling smokers that smoking is expensive and unhealthy, they will somehow lose their desire to smoke, but this is obvious nonsense as a visit to the smoking area outside any cancer ward will attest. Smokers are well aware of the health risks and expenses of smoking, yet still, they smoke. So instead of wasting time lecturing smokers on reasons to quit, Allen Carr’s Easyway looks at the reasons they keep smoking – the beliefs that create the desire to smoke – and exposes them for the illusions they are. For example, most smokers claim that smoking helps them relax, but smoking actually increases the heart rate and blood pressure and dumps adrenaline (the fight or flight chemical) and cortisol (the stress hormone) into the bloodstream. Does this sound like real relaxation? Could you persuade a non-smoker that a drug that does this would be relaxing? Allen Carr’s Easyway explains this and the many other smoking paradoxes that keep us trapped. When smokers successfully challenge these beliefs upon which they desire to smoke is based, the desire to smoke evaporates, and quitting is easy because there is a true understanding that there is nothing to ‘give up.

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