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Allan Pease – Body Language

Allan Pease – Body Language

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 Allan Peace – Body Language

How to Read Other’s Thoughts by Their Gestures

The Definitive Book of Body Language reveals that studies have shown that only 7% of our communication is verbal (what we say). 38% is vocal (how we say it) and the remaining 55% is non-verbal (what we do with our body language and our gestures). Intuitively, we often can sense when someone is meaning something different to what they’re saying, but ti isn’t until reading a book like this that dissects a wide range of different types of body language that we can really learn to decode actions and gestures.

want to talk to someone we put our hands in our pockets. By looking at someone’s hand gestures, and specifically the direction their palms are facing, you can detect how open or closed off they are in a given situation.


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