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The Simple 8-Step Process That Even Total Beginners and Complete Introverts Can Use...

  • Module One: Before the Call Recon
  • This all-new training will help you identify the one problem your prospects urgently need to solve right now and how to position your product or program as the only logical option for reaching their goals.
  • Module Two: The Framing Phase
  • You’ll learn the 5 critical questions we use to pre-seed the sale, establish control and weed out “tire-kickers”, all in the first five minutes of the call!
  • Module Three: The Discover Phase
  • Use our proven nine-step “Product Audit” framework to quickly diagnose exactly why your prospects will likely remain “stuck” until they use your product!…
  • Module Four: The Problems Phase
  • This is where you’ll help your future clients get crystal clear on the true cost of not taking action and the exact value of hiring you to solve their problems…
  • Module Five: The Prescription Phase
  • This is where the magic happens – you’ll use our unique “Prescription Pathway” to reveal the exact steps you’ll help your clients achieve. This step requires prospects to tell you they are 100% confident that working with you is the absolute best way to achieve their goals…
  • Module Six: The Application Phase
  • Instead of pitching boring features and benefits trying to sell prospects on working with us (awkward!) – our unique “Application Protocol” has prospects selling us on why they would be ideal clients to partner with…
  • Module Seven: The Invitation Phase
  • “Never close another sale” might sound like a recipe for disaster, but this is exactly how we enroll great clients like clockwork – we extend an invitation to prospects only after they’ve already agreed to work with us!
  • Module Eight: The All-New “Objection Crusher” Matrix
  • The only difference between elite-level selling and continual struggling to make ends meet is the ability to convert more folks who are “on the fence”…

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Bonus 1
  • Learn “How to Actually Get Paid For Strategy Sessions”…
  • If you sell or want to sell more high ticket consulting, agency, and coaching products, you’ll love this! This training will reveal our unique “Pre-paid
  • Strategy Session Model” that not only allows you to charge for audits and strategy calls but often increases sales conversions as well!
  • Bonus 2
  • You’ll Get My New “High Ticket Funnel Calculator”…
  • This is the simple and powerful tool and training our clients use to reverse-engineer the exact metrics you need to hit each day to exceed your sales goals…
  • Bonus 3
  • Customize Your Perfect Sales Script LIVE With Aaron!
  • I’ll be spending 90 minutes working directly with you LIVE to build your customized enrollment script – this is like “downloading over 24 years of sales strategies, lessons learned, and best practices directly into your business
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