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Troy Francis – Still in the Game

Troy Francis – Still in the Game

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So, you reached forty. Or maybe you haven’t quite yet.

But you’ll get there soon enough.

STILL IN THE GAME answers all these questions and more.

– Understand the challenges, issues and hidden traps that any player in his forties and beyond will face out in the field.

– Read Troy’s own personal story, revealing the secret truths about how he came to avoid the regular path of marriage and remain a player into his forties.

– Learn exactly how you can break out of the ‘matrix’ of conventional thinking to free yourself up for a life of sexual and romantic variety.

– Go deep into the mindsets that you need to develop so that you are rock-solid in your confidence about meeting girls.

– Find out how to remain young without looking like a dick, and how best to relate to younger women.

– Discover the precise structure of game that Troy uses right now as a 40+ man to meet beautiful women.

– Consider relationships and the conflicts that they can bring, and how best you can negotiate these.

– Take a no-bull look at the downsides of the player lifestyle.

– Eradicate your fears about the endgame. Do I have to ask where all of this is going? Will I still have to be hitting on girls when I’m seventy? Or can I find huge excitement, happiness, and contentment through the player lifestyle?

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