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Giles Wiley – 5 Minute Flexibility

Giles Wiley – 5 Minute Flexibility

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Giles’ philosophy is simple but may be hard for skeptical people who have always had trouble with flexibility.  My friend who’s crazy tall hates stretching because he says it’s super painful and that it’s not for tall people.  He scoffed at Giles’ belief that everyone has the muscle length they need; however, he was delighted at Giles’ belief that stretching isn’t the key to flexibility.

In a nutshell, Giles says to release the tension in your body by working trigger points and breathing. You will immediately see that you have the necessary muscle length. He maintains that this is why surgical patients under general anesthesia have crazy flexibility. He’s personally observed people, whose bodies are completely relaxed from anesthesia, putting their legs behind their ears.

I warn you. This video isn’t for wusses,  but don’t quit.  Suck it up, breathe deep. You will not believe how much better you will feel when your muscles are loose.

Try the instant flexibility trick that he demos at the beginning of the video before he ever gets to the tension-releasing segments. It will blow your mind. And as cool as that one is he has an instant flexibility trick for the hamstrings that’s even better because you won’t believe what he has you do to your torso that allows you to do the deepest hamstring stretch you’ve EVER done.

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