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Jon Markman – The New Day Trader Advantage

Jon Markman – The New Day Trader Advantage

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Markets are abuzz over the rebirth of the day trader. Rather than maniacally trading volatile stocks multiple times in a single day, active traders are now holding onto investments longer, relying more on planning and patience rather than fast reflexes. The New Day Trader Advantage features surefire techniques for profiting from this more measured, cunning method of active trading techniques that will help busy professionals and individuals achieve their investing goals with minimum stress and maximum gain.

Written by veteran investment advisor and MSN Money columnist Jon Markman, The New Day Trader Advantage offers successful strategies for discovering, tracking, buying, and selling the strongest companies in the best sectors of any economy. This hands-on guide introduces each trading method with compelling, real-life examples that show how the techniques work-then dive into the details of the actual trade from start to finish. You’ll learn how to:

  • Profit on the popularity of a stock’s sector, which accounts for up to 60% of its movement

  • Know which stocks historically trade way up or way down in particular months of the year-or before or after their quarterly earnings reports

  • Buy new IPOs from previously bankrupt companies and make a fortune

  • Find information on new offerings and corporate spin-offs and effectively trade them in the first week, month, and year

  • Use the author’s proprietary stock-rating system to buy five to ten winning stocks a month for six-month holds

  • Gain valuable insight by observing a stock’s relationship to its ten-month moving average

  • Recognize local, national, and global “ecosystems,” and determine where the greatest short-term value is being created

  • Sell or sell short at the right time to capture maximum profits

No other book offers the same depth of coverage and expert insight into short-term market forces. By learning how to profit at the right time in the right markets, you can gain The New Day Trader Advantage.

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